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Sofia Stoyanova

Landscape Architect

Sofia obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom.  In 2019 she graduated with a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark specialising in urban design. During her education in Denmark the focus on her thesis project is based on urban cycling infrastructure.

She has gained experience in England, Bulgaria and Denmark by participating in the design development of multiple gardens, parks and public spaces focusing on climate change adaptation and sustainable urban planning. In Denmark she works closely with specialists in the field of cycling transport and urban planning for the analysis and design proposals for increasing the safety of the cycling infrastructure in the city of Sofia. Nowadays, she works as a freelance Landscape Architect and actively participates in the urban environment and urban mobility topics.

In 2019 she is joining the ‘Green line Sofia’ team with a main work focus on cycling infrastructure planning, accessibility and safety of the urban environment.

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