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What do we have in Sofia?


Scattered around the city are many abandoned areas and railways, crossing bridges, tunnels, which are inaccessible for people. Isolated from the car-traffic they pass through many densely populated neighborhoods as well as major parks and beautiful green spaces.

What can we change?

Зелена линия София

We suggest to connect existing bike lanes with the abandoned trails, preserving the tracks and to transform them into a new bicycle & pedestrian ring which can serve both as an alternative transportation ring and a public space for sports, leisure and fun.

Green line Sofia

© Зелена линия София.png




© Зелена линия София

Industrial areas

is an independent project, proposing a bicycle and pedestrian ring inside the city of Sofia, which will connect all major parks, densely populated neighborhoods as well as many sports and culture facilities.

Зелен ринг София Зелено околовръстно София

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